Dreams and Randomness

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mystic Medieval Mansion

    First, I'm in my uncles basement with my brother and sister; we're trying to record spongebob. Two friends, that are brothers that I know, are in it at one point; we're messing with... some type of marhsmellowy substance. Now, the main part. I'm in an awesome mansion with tons of rooms; in this mansion we have special abilities/weapons. I remember thinking, "this is going to have a big electric bill having so many lights and whatnot." I think I had either... throwing knives of some sort or a bow. One of the other people in the house had this missile that would come towards you. It was a somewhat transparent, slightly green head that exploded when it reached you. However, at one point, I shot it down before it got to me.  We were not actually fighting though, just messing around. Sometime later, I'm in this room with some people, and a chick with the abilities/armor/weapon stuff was like wrestling around with me in front of people and I was trying to kiss her, but she was a bit embarrassed being in front of them. So, we would wrestle and make our faces unexposed, then kiss. There were two guys and two chicks, including myself. I believe the other guy had a large axe. There was an armory and there was some sort of teleportation device... or an elevator or something. A display would come up visually, out of no where and I could scroll through the rooms. They had an assortment of numbers labeling them like 2343454_45436. Overall, it was a rather strange dream but had some cool parts.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


      This has nothing to do with dreaming or my blog but, I was cleaning and rearranging my room with a few friends helping and I found the most entertaining thing that could be in one's closet, a strobe light. It was rather fun.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hunting in the Future

      This dream wasn't the best of dreams I've had, didn't have a lot of detail either. Just throwing one up since I haven't made a post in a while. I have more dreams recorded though, I'll keep them coming as much as I can.

      I remember being in what seems to be a mall. Something catastrophic is happening to where everyone is basically starting over. Not many people are around. Our current technology is relatively advanced so it seems. I remember seeing these cars on display, I go up to them and check them out. Next to the cars there is a white suit,  it kind of looks like a suit from halo. I think I pick it up or put it on but I don't remember it in the rest of the dream. Then, I remember being in some type of vehicle and I'm talking to some people that are there with me. They're asking me about hunting and if I hunted in either Wisconsin or like... Indiana or something. Mentions two different types of black birds. Not sure if the hunting conversation was completely random or perhaps had something to do with survival.